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What is Google SGE?

Google SGE represents a novel approach to search using Generative AI. This technology provides AI-driven summaries and follow-up questions within searches, simplifying the exploration of related topics. You can try this new experience by opting for SGE (Search Generation Experience) in the Google Labs.

Unlike traditional Google Search, AI now helps to encapsulate the essence of topics, eliminating the need to individually visit websites for answers. With SGE, you can quickly grasp the key points of a topic and delve deeper into it in a conversational manner. This feature also allows you to effortlessly explore and take subsequent actions, accessing the high-quality results and insights you expect from Google.

It's Available in Malaysia Now!

  1. To enable SGE, simply visit the following URL (Google Labs) and turn on the feature:
  2. Once activated, return to, search for any keyword, and you'll see AI-generated summaries!

Is Your Business Discoverable by Google AI?

With the irreversible trend of Google's AI-generated search experiences, business owners should consider testing this feature. Try searching for keywords relevant to your business field and see if your website is recommended by AI. If you find your competitors' websites appearing instead, don’t hesitate to click the button below to contact us. Our website marketing experts will analyze how to "teach" Google about your website!

10 Nov 2023

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