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In the digital age, e-commerce has become a key driver of business growth. Malaysian law stipulates that all websites with online purchasing capabilities must display a Return & Refund Policy to ensure consumer rights are protected. However, creating a comprehensive Return & Refund Policy for businesses is both complex and time-consuming. This is where the Return & Refund Policy Generator feature of NEWPAGES's ONESYNC website system backend comes into play.

ONESYNC's Return & Refund Policy Generator feature:

The ONESYNC website system backend from NEWPAGES offers an innovative solution to simplify the process of creating a Return & Refund Policy. With this feature, business owners only need to answer a few simple questions about their business model, and the system will automatically generate a professional, legally compliant Return & Refund Policy.

How to use it:
Using the ONESYNC Return & Refund Policy Generator is very straightforward. Users log into the ONESYNC system backend, select the Return & Refund Policy Generator, and then answer a series of questions based on their business characteristics. These questions cover key aspects such as conditions for returns and the refund process. Upon completion, the system generates a customized policy based on the provided information.

A website system designed for Malaysian SMEs!

Unlike other website CMS, ONESYNC is a website system that fully conforms to the Malaysian business environment and is the preferred website service for 5,500 SMEs in Malaysia!

30 Nov 2023

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